Island Cafe Chigoohagoo


A quiet retreat on an island off Tokyo, for all women to restore your rhythm and accept yourself that has been lost in the busy pace of everyday life.

Izu Oshima is one of the unique places with its nature and traditional culture still very evident on the island.

We were drawn to the magical energy of this island that heals and at the same time gives power to people.

And so, we decided to open a small inn and café for women around the world to get a chance to experience this magic.

Our Story

A journey to discover yourself.

Our Service


Our cafe is compact, designed for single, or two guests to relax and read. We might ask a group of three and above to seat separately.
※Children below 12 years old and a group above 5 people cannot eat inside, but takeaway is available.


Our small B&B has two rooms, Japanese style and Western style.For breakfast, we serve a Japanese style breakfast (rice, miso soups, fish and local vegetables)We believe a proper nutritious breakfast to be a key ingredient to the start of a wonderful day.
※In order for female travelers to feel comfortable and safe, we do not allow groups of only male guests.
※In principle, we do not accept requests for 3 or more people in 2 rooms but in some cases we may be able to accommodate your request.Please contact us before making a reservation.



Irregular news delivered by Chigoohagoo


A café inn situated in a fishing village


 3 Okata, Oshimamachi, Tokyo 100-0102
 2 parking space available

Chigoohagoo is a 2 minute walk from Okata port.Please spend your time as if you are living on the island.

Contact Us

We may not be able to answer the phone after business hours.
Please contact us by e-mail.